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What Exactly Is Siding?

Siding protects the house against the elements and pests. It also helps prevent moisture penetration and the growth of biological contaminants such as mold, dust mites and bacteria.

Siding can also help to repel pests away. Dust mites, a common allergy concern, can live under old siding panels and between house sheathing. Carpenter ants and termites, as they eat away at the home, undermine the strength of a wooden frame.

Which siding is right for my house?

Choosing your siding deserves some careful consideration. Some sidings are good in dry climates, others in wetter climates. Some siding is better in windy conditions. And still others, like vinyl, are good in all types of weather conditions.

After carefully choosing the appropriate siding for your climate and the amount of care you are willing to devote to its maintenance, you will not only give your house a new look, but protect your family’s health and safety.

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"Traditional wisdom says not to judge a book by its cover, but a home is a different story. A home's exterior has a lot to do with its perceived value, and achieving a high-quality appearance often starts with siding..."

(Lowe's for Pros, "What Homeowners Want to Know about Vinyl Siding", Colleen Hansen)

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