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Standard Vinyl Siding

Standard vinyl siding has 3 components: a nail hem at the top of the panel where the slots are located, the face which is the exposed area of the panel visible when installation is complete, and the buttlock, which is located on the bottom of the panel and locks into the previously installed panel. These accents can cover seams, enclose eaves or overhangs, and provides an accent to the siding. Today's vinyl sidings come with life-time warranties. Vinyl siding is the ultimate blend of protection and beauty.


Aluminum is more popular than steel because exposed areas of steel tend to rust. Aluminum siding comes in long panels with a baked-on enamel finish that can be smooth or textured. Aluminum is a good heat insulator and is very waterproof. It is also very durable, but dents easily, and is harder to replace than vinyl.

Composition Board or Hardboard Planks

Hardboard is a good choice in drier areas. The panels can be as long as 16 feet without any gaps. It can be made to look like clapboard if it is cut and applied horizon-tally.

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"Traditional wisdom says not to judge a book by its cover, but a home is a different story. A home's exterior has a lot to do with its perceived value, and achieving a high-quality appearance often starts with siding..."

(Lowe's for Pros, "What Homeowners Want to Know about Vinyl Siding", Colleen Hansen)

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